About Me

My name is Jop de Klein and I am a freelance web developer based in Amsterdam. Validweb is my one-man company specialized in front-end web development, and increasingly active in back-end and database development.

I have been involved in professional web development for 10 years, familiarizing myself with all aspects of web development and its rich set of technologies. I am specialized in front-end web development (rich internet applications) and consulting.

I am passionate about creating interactive websites that work for its users and believe in the-right-tool-for-the-right-job, honest, osmotic communication, and an agile approach to development.

For more about my work, have a look at my portfolio and cv. I am always interested in helping out with exciting projects, so let's get in touch!

About this website

Validweb originally started as a Dutch weblog for beginning web developers back in 2001. After a 4 year break due to my incredibly challenging and inspiring job at Backbase it is time to give validweb some more attention. Due to the increased professionalism of web developers I believe the basics of HTML and CSS are widespread enough to allow for a more advanced -and interesting- approach.

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for this website.